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How Dental Care Can Improve Seniors’ Lives


Quality of life and overall health and wellbeing is significantly affected by one’s oral health—especially for seniors. As such, poor oral health can cause problems as it may disrupt their sleep and their ability to relax.

Tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease, dry mouth, and even oral cancer are commonly experienced by older adults. Aside from these oral health problems, poor oral health may cause poor dietary intake and weight loss as it affects older peoples’ ability to chew and eat a variety of food.

    But these can be managed or prevented with proper personal cares routines and through:

  • Regular oral assessment
  • Oral healthcare planning
  • Daily oral care support
  • Dental visits

While it is not always possible for seniors to visit their dental professionals, it is still possible to gain oral health knowledge through their interactions with other healthcare workers especially if they are receiving home health care in Pennsylvania. Their patient’s oral health should also be monitored as they are responsible in the assessment and monitoring of seniors’ overall health and wellbeing.

The right home care in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania such as An Amazing Personal Care Corp , will include a good oral care routine as part of everyday self-care—an extra mile for an extra confident smile.

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