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Physical Exercises for Seniors


Medical conditions, and even old age, can diminish the physical abilities of many seniors. These factors tied with aging often make it hard for them to be physically active. Some seniors even opt for personal care to ensure that their needs are met daily.

Despite their decreased physical ability, seniors can still benefit greatly from being physically active. As a provider of home health care in Pennsylvania, we fully understand this need. With that, let us look at some ways on how seniors can be physically active.

  • Walking

    Taking regular walks is one of the best for seniors to get their physical exercise. Walking isn’t too intense of an exercise, which makes it ideal for those who may be facing physical challenges.

    This can also be great for addressing social isolation because walking prompts seniors to tackle a step outside their homes and socialize with the people in the neighborhood. However, it would be wise to have someone accompany seniors to ensure that they are safe as they take walks.

  • Swimming

    Similar to walking, swimming is also a good mid-intensity exercise for seniors. Being in the water can make it extra safe for those who cannot move with ease. Also, it is an excellent way to improve heart health.

  • Stretching

    Another exercise routine that can be easily integrated into the lives of seniors is stretching. This is incredibly useful for keeping muscles strong and flexible. Seniors may need assistance with this.

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