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Hacks to Remember Your Medication

Hacks to Remember Your Medication

Your amazing seniors deserve amazing Home Care in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania provided by An Amazing Personal Care Corp.

We are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with quality Home Health Care in Pennsylvania. We do more than just delivering services; we provide you with care.

Our Personal Cares services understand the many aspects of your needs – including the crucial element of medication management. While our care team deploys a variety of ways to ensure proper medication, we also educate patients and families to be able to do so. While doing our daily activities or going through pain, forgetting or forgoing a simple dosage can easily happen. Unfortunately, this single missed step can be detrimental to the patient’s road to recovery.

Remembering anything starts with a list. Use a good old notebook or pad to list down all medications including over-the-counter medicines. Adding notes on supplements or vitamins provide additional resources for your physician later on.

Set a schedule and stick to it. As doctors prescribed the frequency of medication, you can schedule the specific time and commit to this throughout. You can also set up a calendar and use your phone to set up an alarm. This will help you establish a routine that makes remembering easier. The use of a pillbox as an organizer adds an efficient approach to taking your meds.

These are just hacks. Monitor your progress and keep improving. You may also contact us if need help.

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