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Activities for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Activities for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

People with Alzheimer’s disease often experience confusion and fear. These make it hard for them to engage in any activities or do and finish tasks. But being active physically, mentally, and socially helps keep them healthy and reduce their risks for other health complications. This is why caregivers must go beyond providing personal cares and homemaking. They must also take on the responsibility of making sure that their clients are engaging in activities that are physically, mentally, and socially beneficial.

As a provider of home health care in Pennsylvania, we offer the following activity suggestions for people with Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Household chores.
    When people with Alzheimer’s realize that they can still do the things they use to do, it will give them a sense of independence and control. So involve them in doing simple and easy chores like dusting off the couch, folding laundry, and sorting the mail.
  • Exercise.
    Walking around the neighborhood or using a stationary bike at home are good daily exercise suggestions for older adults. Make sure to assist people with Alzheimer’s during their workouts to ensure their safety. Also, follow safety guidelines for COVID-19 when you decide to walk outside.
  • Gardening.
    Gardening is a great indoor activity for people with Alzheimer’s. It allows them to be outside but still in the safety of their homes. It also makes them feel productive.

An Amazing Personal Care Corp. offers home care in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We can help ensure the safety of people living with Alzheimer’s disease while assisting them with their daily lives.

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